Here's where you can have the fun of buying stuff from us! Get that grown-up feeling! Actually, you don't got to buy nothing from nobody, us included. Below are links to free pdf files that you can download then print on iron-on paper so you can make your own awesome KitKit and Tommy shirts. Or, if you're some kind of super productive kid and don't have time for all that mess you can just buy pre-made and super-pricey shirts here.


Welcome to The Galleria! This is where snappy dressers the world over strut their stuff, make the scene, and keep it dapper! If you're an adult, or a kid with an adult helper, use the form below to send a picture of yourself showing off your heightened sense of fashion! Put the dash back in haberdashery, take the nero out of habernero and tell the fin in finery to take a hike!