what's gnu?

Vital dispatches and updates from the KitKit and Tommy offices in Chicago, IL and Springfield, IL Madison, WI Chicago suburbs, IL!

  • 07/28/09 - Hey! We've got a bold new look! You already know that! See you in 2010!
  • 03/05/09 - In a bold daily twofer, we've also reapproached our spelling of the word 'banana' (as found in this page here) so as to more closely approximate the current fashion.
  • 03/05/09 - We're back from winter camp! With a new cartoon! The Mystery of Dip Thou Pen! It's fancy! You can watch it at our new cartoon-watching page here! Also fancy! See you in the fall.
  • 11/09/08 - We're back from fall camp! There's a new Russel The Cat chapter here. We give it a 4 out of 10.
  • 09/29/08 - We're back from summer camp! Go to the Book Nook to read two reviews of novels we read over the summer!
  • 06/29/08 - Chapter five of Russel the Cat ready to be glanced at and dismissed.
  • 06/18/08 - New cartoon, "Hazat Work: Shampoo", up. Also secreted on Funny or Die.
  • 06/13/08 - Shattering new Russel the Cat chapter.
  • 06/11/08 - Spellbinding new Hero Dog comic.