the big book of sandwiches

A Warning to Children: Sandwiches are fun and can make you feel like a grown-up, but they are no laughing matter. Sandwich preparation can involve knives, stoves, hot pans and often boling, fascinating oil. Before you attempt to make the sandwiches found in this - or any other - Big Book of Sandwiches, be sure you have an adult (a real adult, not your brother or some guy) with you to supervise. Serious! Visit our contact page to submit your own recipes!

The Wellington
white bread | turkey | swiss cheese | avocado | mayonaisse | potato chips
Nothin' to it! You can toast the bread or not - kid power! Use as much or as little of the above ingredients as you and your parent or guardian see fit. Put everything together in sandwich form (or be creative!) then smash it down with the palm of your hand to crush the chips. Eat outside, over a sink, or while rushing around!
The Cape Cod
bacon | bagel | cream cheese | red onion
First, fry up a few pieces of bacon. Enjoy the smells! Slice up and put the bagel of your choice in the toaster. I like the savories. While your bagel is browning cut some onion into slivers. Put all the elements together and don't hesitate to use more cream cheese than would seem responsible. Share with an undemanding friend.
The Iroquois
sandwich roll | chicken | swiss cheese | corn | spicy mustard
Cover the bottom half of your bread with chicken. I like to leave it pretty fatty; discuss your approach with a healthy adult. Put the corn on the chicken then smash it flat with a spoon or your fingers so the kernels don't fall out when you eat. Top with the swiss, mustard, and other half of the bread. Find a quiet spot; this is a good sandwich for reflection.
The Stanhope
Italian bread | pastrami | chedder cheese | mayonaisse | french fries
Hollow out the bread a bit to make room for everything; plus, all that bread isn't too good for you. Fill the bread to the brim with whatever you deem to be the optimal amounts of the other ingredients. Though delicious, this sandwich can make you gassy and nauseaus; make sure you have a light afternoon ahead of you.
Old Ironsides
French bread | parmesean | baby leaf sandwich | chicken filets | red sauce | potato chips
This is essentially a chicken parmesean sandwich. There's nothing wrong with that as chicken parmesean sandwiches are consistently ranked within the top three all-time sandwiches accoriding to our yearly informal polls. What makes the Old Ironsides special is that you will prepare the filets as if you were breading and frying them. The difference is that you will not be using bread crumbs, but crushed potato chips instead. Follow that? Toast it too.
The New
MacArthur Park
nice crusty bread | can of sardines | asiago cheese | garlic | parsley
A brash and insolent sandwich developed by our friend Chris P. Chop up your garlic and parsley. Compile everything on a hunk of the bread then toast. Chris warns againsts draining too much of the sardine oil. Your instincts will tell you to, but consider fighting them as some oil is necessary to moisten up the sandwich.
Suddenly Swiss!
english muffin | bacon | swiss cheese | mayonaisse
Simple and austere, the Suddenly Swiss is perfect for the kid on the go. You'll want to fry your bacon and toast your muffins. Then, you apply the mayonaisse directly to the swiss before combining everything. Speed is important as the beauty of this dish is the intermingling of the hot and toasty bread and bacon with the cool and refreshing swiss and mayo. Like a cool breeze on a hot day! Not good with Sunny D.
Inside-Out Bunt
??? | ??? | ??? | ??? | ??? | ???
Sorry children! Due to patent disputes we are currently being advised not to share our recipe for the Inside-Out Bunt.