Wherein we introduce the final member of our team

Hapkido was born along with two siblings. They were a big and fat brother named Tubbs and a tiny sweet sister named Penny. Hapkido was middle sized. Penny was tiny because when all three dogs were in their mother's womb Tubbs ate most of the food so Penny did not get as much nutrition as would be needed for her too to be big and fat. Tubbs also always lay down on the bottom of the womb so the other two had to lie on top of him. This wasn't super comfortable and so neither ever got too much sleep. It was the only way Tubbs could get a blanket in there!

When the dogs were born they thought it was really cold so they were shaky. They were wet. Penny was already super hungry so she rolled over to her mother Debbie. Debbie made food in her body for the dogs to eat until they were grown up enough to just eat whatever they find laying around on the floor. Debbie made plenty of food for all the dogs. It came out of her body for them.

The problem was that Tubbs, because he was so big and fat, had a big and fat appetite and needed to eat and eat and eat. Since he was always eating Penny had trouble getting her own meals because Tubbs would block her from where the food came out of her mother's body. Tubbs was a nice dog but since his body demanded so much food it was sort of selfish. His brain was sort of selfish too. Tubbs would use his body to push Penny away. Penny would have to come back later to eat and then sometimes there wasn't much food left. It was a bad circle for Penny: since she was small she could not get much food and so she could not get big enough to get her fair share of food.

Since Hapkido was middle-sized Tubbs really couldn't push him out of the way. Hapkido got plenty of food. When he was eating he could see Penny sitting on the other side of their mother, watching. She looked doleful. Hapkido felt bad for his sister and wished Tubbs was not such a selfish dog. Once, Hapkido got angry with Tubbs and tried to push him over a bit so Penny could come and eat with them. He wanted his sister to get her fair share of food and he also knew that eating together as a family was important. Tubbs was too big and fat though, and Hapkido could not budge him. Hapkido tried to talk with Tubbs about the problem but Tubbs was not interested in the conversation and pretended to be asleep until he fell asleep.

Hapkido was an inward dog and so he was always thinking about things. The fact that Penny was being forced away from her food bothered him. Hapkido thought he might have to fight with Tubbs but did not want to do that. Tubbs would probably win the fight and then there would also be tension in the family which would not make anyone's day pleasant. "I wish Tubbs was nice and reasonable," Hapkido would think. But Tubbs sort of was not.

Hapkido knew that being small was not Penny's fault. He knew he should help her but he was not. Why not? Was he a coward?

Hapkido began to think about his sister in a different way. Penny was small, so she really did not need as much food as the others. Also, she was still alive so she really could not complain. If she wanted more food she should stick up for herself. That would be better for her anyway since she needs to learn to fight her own battles. It didn't make Hapkido feel better to think of Penny's problem as her own fault, but it made it so he no longer thought he had to do anything about it. Thinking like this didn't make Hapkido feel better about himself. It just made him feel bad about himself in a different way. Even so, it was sort of a nice break!

Hapkido began to think about his brother in a different way too. Why wouldn't Tubbs just change and be good?

Hapkido began to think of his brother as not selfish or unreasonable, but bad. Hapkido hoped Tubbs would be punished somehow. He hoped that deep down Tubbs was unhappy because of his selfishness.

Hapkido was very super extra special nice to Penny. He gave Penny sympathetic looks while she watched them eat. His eyes said "Isn't Tubbs a jerk?" Penny's eyes didn't say much. Hapkido imagined Penny was thinking how he was one of the good ones.

But Penny didn't really think like that. She just sort of liked everybody. Her tail, which was super tiny and short, would just whip around all the time. Penny pranced! She was happy and did not spend time worrying about interpersonal dynamics.

Debbie also was not too worried about the situation. She wasn't very aware of it. When the puppies ate she usually looked over to the corner of the room and thought about other things. She was tired and had a lot on her plate. Her husband had itchy feet and liked to make the scene. Debbie was a single mother. She hoped the kids would work out any problems they had on their own because she felt so confused about her own life that she hesitated to offer advice, even to babies.

As the puppies grew up they began to eat out of bowls. The same problem happened again because Tubbs would muscle everybody away and eat as much food as he wanted, even if it was in someone else's bowl. He also hogged the best sleep blanket and would eat all the most interesting weird smelly things they found in the backyard and on the sidewalk. Hapkido still hoped Tubbs was unhappy, but his brother did not seem unhappy. Tubbs seemed very content. Maybe he will be unhappy in the future, Hapkido hoped. Hapkido wasn't happy. Maybe I'll be happier than Tubbs in the future, he hoped. Shouldn't he be?

Penny ate rat poison and died. She didn't mean to. She would explore the house and try eating different things that she found. Over the months she had eaten all sort of odd things including a paperclip, a hair, a flower and lots of dirt. She found the rat poison in the bathroom under the sink. It had been there for years and years. It smelled sort of like food so Penny just ate it up. No one likes to think about what it was like when they found Penny on the floor.

The people who owned the house buried Penny in the back yard by the tree and let her family come out and watch. When the man who lived in the house picked Penny up off the floor she fit in his palm. She was super limp and her head leaned over the side. Her eyes were open and that was scary to see. Since Penny was tiny she had tiny little organs in her body but now they were not doing anything. They were just laying there under her tiny fur.